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I am an Assistant Professor of International Business and Government policy, and a former U.S. Government policy analyst. I have over nine years of experience with the U.S. government as a trade policy analyst, and U.S.-China trade relations. I have worked for both a Congressional Commission advising Congress on the impact of trade with China and for the U.S. Department of Commerce investigating unfair trade practices. However, my education has been on constitutional and comparative law, with an LLM from University College London, and a JD from the University of Pittsburgh. Currently I am writing a book on the evolution of Federalism in the U.S., and the application of Federalism as a form of governance around the world. You can contact me at:

Constitutional Reforms for Greece.

When a country like Greece experiences a financial, employment, and economic meltdown unlike no other in its recent history, then it’s time to look beyond the symptoms and consider the possible causes.  Is Greece’s current sovereign debt crisis something that … Continue reading

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Constitutional Reforms for Greece, and Post-Election Suggestions for Mr. Samaras!

On May 6th, Greece will have the most important election of its post junta era.  The sovereign debt crisis has humbled the country and the EU imposed austerity measures have angered the people.  Unlike the Koskota scandal that led to … Continue reading

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Time for Iraq to Activate its Federation Council!

The political power struggle in Baghdad has significantly escalated since the last U.S. troops withdrew in December 2011, with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki slowly abandoning the principle of a unity government that gives all stakeholders a share of power and … Continue reading

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By the People and for the People – A New Approach to the Federal Budget!

One of the primary responsibilities of any government (both executive and legislature) in any country is the management of the public purse: the government budget and the national debt.  As developments in Europe demonstrate, bad management of government expenditures could … Continue reading

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A New Federalism for Libya and the Arab Spring.

Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, Libya’s road to democracy was going to be the hardest of all the Arab nations in transition.  Last month, that process got even more complicated for the Libyan people.  At a gathering in … Continue reading

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SCAF’s Constitutional Declaration – Uncertainty and Hope for Egypt’s Bicameral Legislature.

February 11 marked the one year anniversary of the official fall of Hosni Mubarak from power.  What started with street demonstrations and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) overthrowing the President and dissolving the Parliament, was followed by … Continue reading

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The Real Cause of the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis.

The Greek sovereign debt crisis has capture the attention of the world, both for what it says about the viability of the Euro and the EU integration project, but also for the warning signs it sends to governments around the … Continue reading

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