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Constitutional Reforms for Greece.

When a country like Greece experiences a financial, employment, and economic meltdown unlike no other in its recent history, then it’s time to look beyond the symptoms and consider the possible causes.  Is Greece’s current sovereign debt crisis something that … Continue reading

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SCAF’s Constitutional Declaration – Uncertainty and Hope for Egypt’s Bicameral Legislature.

February 11 marked the one year anniversary of the official fall of Hosni Mubarak from power.  What started with street demonstrations and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) overthrowing the President and dissolving the Parliament, was followed by … Continue reading

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Why the Arab Spring should not Fear Tribalism and Factionalism – Institutionalizing Diversity.

Ever since the people of the Arab world, from Iran to Morocco, started rising up against their authoritarian and dictatorial regimes demanding accountability and representation, a lot has been said about the perils and obstacles of their undertaking.  From historical … Continue reading

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The benefits of a Constituent Assembly for Tunisia and the Arab Spring.

Next month (October 23rd) the people of Tunisia will vote to elect a Constituent Assembly, with the primary task of drafting a new constitution!  The National Constituent Assembly (NCA) will be composed of 218 members, and will have to draft … Continue reading

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Constitutional Reforms in Morocco and Jordan!

Reports coming out of Morocco and Jordan, are both encouraging and frustrating.  Both Morocco and Jordan have been beset for months by growing popular demands for political, economic and social reform, after Arab uprisings overthrew leaders in Tunisia, Egypt and … Continue reading

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A Governance Vision for the Nations of the Arab Spring.

Recent events in North Africa and the Middle East have brought to the forefront the fragility of government institutions and have questioned the legitimacy of authoritarian regimes in a number of developing nations.  The right form of governance for the … Continue reading

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Federalism – The Best Solution for Developing Societies.

Evolution of Federalism The history and evolution of federalism is rich and complex.  From the ancient Greek city-states coming together to stop the Persian invention, to the modern European Union, federations come in many shapes, sizes and purposes.  Federalism provides … Continue reading

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