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Constitutional Reforms for Greece, and Post-Election Suggestions for Mr. Samaras!

On May 6th, Greece will have the most important election of its post junta era.  The sovereign debt crisis has humbled the country and the EU imposed austerity measures have angered the people.  Unlike the Koskota scandal that led to … Continue reading

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The Real Cause of the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis.

The Greek sovereign debt crisis has capture the attention of the world, both for what it says about the viability of the Euro and the EU integration project, but also for the warning signs it sends to governments around the … Continue reading

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A League of Nations in Transition – Regional Integration for the Arab Spring!

As the Arab Spring is turning to its second (and harder) phase of conducting elections and forming legitimate transitional government, the need for an economic strategy is becoming painfully apparent.  The people, who marched on the streets demanding political freedom, … Continue reading

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The New “Triangle” World Order – and how U.S., EU and China must work together to keep the global economy growing.

It has to be, without a doubt, that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of communism constituted the single most transformative event of the past 40 years. Since man walked the surface of the moon, the … Continue reading

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Federalism – The Best Solution for Developing Societies.

Evolution of Federalism The history and evolution of federalism is rich and complex.  From the ancient Greek city-states coming together to stop the Persian invention, to the modern European Union, federations come in many shapes, sizes and purposes.  Federalism provides … Continue reading

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