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By the People and for the People – A New Approach to the Federal Budget!

One of the primary responsibilities of any government (both executive and legislature) in any country is the management of the public purse: the government budget and the national debt.  As developments in Europe demonstrate, bad management of government expenditures could … Continue reading

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America – A Constitutional Midwife for the Arab World!

A recent article by Nathan Brown in the FP (Americans, put away your quills), argues very eloquently against the advocacy and promotion of ‘American constitutional ideas’ (and ideals) in Arab countries currently in transition due to the Arab Spring.  Although … Continue reading

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Reforming the Electoral College – Why we Need to Return to the Framers Original Intent!

A recent article by Charles Lane of the Washington Post (Keep the electoral college) makes a spirited though misguided defense of the Electoral College.  Although Mr. Lane acknowledges that Electoral College is not the most democratic system (but then again, … Continue reading

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Libya, and Lessons for Western Intervention.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and we contemplate what went wrong with the past decade, we should look at Libya for lessons on western intervention!  In the aftermath of 9/11, American neoconservatives tried to ‘liberate’ the Arab … Continue reading

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The New “Triangle” World Order – and how U.S., EU and China must work together to keep the global economy growing.

It has to be, without a doubt, that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of communism constituted the single most transformative event of the past 40 years. Since man walked the surface of the moon, the … Continue reading

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Federalism – The Best Solution for Developing Societies.

Evolution of Federalism The history and evolution of federalism is rich and complex.  From the ancient Greek city-states coming together to stop the Persian invention, to the modern European Union, federations come in many shapes, sizes and purposes.  Federalism provides … Continue reading

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